Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cold Hard Rain in a Big Big City

Today all of Manhattan, and the entire northeast United States I think (no time for forecasts, must do chin ups), was blanketed by clouds and pelted by rain, and it was a day of umbrellas bending backwards from the wind cutting through the skyscrapers. Every block or so you see a brolly's carcass mangled on the sidewalk, and the rain comes down too hard that even if you're unlucky enough to possess one (or just too poor to buy one) and are walking 15 blocks to mail headshots and resumes, you will not pick it up. You won't try to fix it by bending the frame back in shape and rehooking the fabric while the smattering of people hustle by. You'll step over the umbrella and with your hands in your pockets, tuck your head in your coat like a turtle in a war trench, and continue to walk south to a tiny restuarant. And it will be the cheapest and best Mexican food you've had since arriving in this city.