Tuesday, August 23, 2005

William Tell Overtones

She could reach for it. He was nervous, concerned, flustered.

If she moved fast, she could grab the barrel of the gun, wrestle it, twist it from his hands, save the day. She wouldn't have to shoot him, but just turn it on him. She was quick, good at surprises. And she could dance, too.

She could get her picture in the paper. She would use the reward money to buy fake breasts, which she would show off while riding the mechanical bull at honky-tonk bars. She would look 'em in the eye. Make an impact, make change. If she would only reach for it. If she could only do it.
Surveillance video courtesy of the Killeen, Texas Police Department/1.3.02/Any information call (254) 526-TIPS

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bunny mcintosh said...

thanks for all your comments on my blog lately. I really really appriciate how thoughtful and just refreshing it's been to hear someone as compassionate as you've been. It means a lot right now to know that good people are out there. Thank you so much.