Wednesday, May 31, 2006


We looked so good together on the subway, but we parted at your next stop, and I tried to eat a little better to trim off those pounds, but come on, now, that never works. It takes barbells and trainers and the threat of summer. And only you will make it.

But I feel better. I'm wearing better clothes and walking in new sunglasses, finding that every fantasy you create can become reality if you shove aside a goal, because goals are thoughts more than plans.

I'm buying a bike and building a helicopter on top of my three-story walk-up. Get on your roof and look for me.

Photograph by this guy


Anonymous said...

Why are you so convinced you're entertaining/moderately intelligent?
Don't think Denton would ever be desperate to hire you for a blog about citywide porta-potties, but keep offering yourself up andmabe evn dimwitted Lock Steele will laugh in your fac.

thomas said...

You're a saucy little cuss aren't you? Come back from that cloak and show yourself and I'll give you a gimlet.