Sunday, June 06, 2004

Celebrities are sending me e-mail, the strangest of which comes from still-budding star Hugh Jackman. I never open his messages; he's changed. His subject line usually informs me that "she pays rent with puzzzzzyy/81625" or that he has spyware he wants me to try out. Again, he's changed. It used to be about the stage and screen.

Someone out there creates spam. I hardly think a computer is possible of producing sentences that are (for the most part) legible and clear. And if so, what do these people look like. Are they really hackers in Indonesia or Hong Kong, who smoke cigarettes and only get the most random names of actors whose identities they feel safe to assume? How on Earth am I going to know Hugh Jackman. I might as well know Rip Taylor.

Tomorrow I head back to Athens, or perhaps tonight. My dear O! sweet dear has finished Maymester and is in Charleston/back to Raleigh. Thank God for cars. And planes. And phones. And hearts that beat hard for a person you love.

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