Tuesday, June 01, 2004

There be many a rude bastard in them there hills, or more specifically, them there streets of Athens. Be they customer or stranger, hobo or lollygagger, they find a way into your life somehow or another.

Case in point: I shan't say where I work, as that would not be kosher in this realm. For myself or my employer. There's one guy who comes in and insists on odd combos of paper money and coins, because he uses a moneyclip and one of those plastic coin purses. He likes to keep the girth to a minimum: big bills and as few ones as possible.

Moneyclip Flip Spiceland starts tossing me random coins, coins that have nothing to do with the purchase (total: $4.32; he hands me $5.47). His backwards bartering baffles me--and he snaps at me for it. Doublestitch your pockets or get a debit card.

Sorry for the simple rant. Useless, yes. Unnecessary, yes. Will it ever happen again? Yes.

Went to Helen over this Memorial Day Weekend with AW, who day after day continues to fascinate me and make me ever more thankful. How she puts up with me I have no idea. Perhaps it's the incredibly thin wallet I carry. Or the fact that I know how to live life with change!!! Anyhoo...it's rare when a person can make my heart sour with just a glance.

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