Sunday, May 23, 2004

In attempts to stay sane while planning not only a trip to Europe (and finding a deal at that), writing articles, looking for a job and plan of attack for dreams and goals and starting a part-time moneymaking gig, I have put full and total faith in caffeine and Welch's fruit snacks.

The effects show on my frame, which has gone from a Chik-Fil-A and Flying Dog tubby to a skinny puppy. Slowing down will bring about serenity.

Yet it's hard to slow down, because I have embarked on a strange period where my mind and body are both on different schedules. Allow me to explain as quickly as possible, since it's been proven that people don't like reading long web entries:

Body got to go to work. Mind got to figure stuff out. Mind can't work at 100% on non-work issues when body got to work. Got to work.

This is stress talking, making me a robot, and deserves no attention. Peace be with you.

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