Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Totally, entirely through, but I hit the ground running and have continued working on articles, thoughts, plans, ideas and pep talks to start up fiction again.

Various gifts were handed to me over the course of two days back home: a suit, which looked and felt classy even during the stressful suit-buying process; a DVD/video player, which will come in handy for those rare times when I have a videotape to play (see: porn, bootlegs, hobgoblin snuff films, old home movies); a digital camera, which will come in extremely handy during Europe. Ahhh, Europe. That place where I intend to go and that I have yet to plan. Will come in time.

Got a great call from an editor today, and he's interested in me writing each and every week, and paying me a modest stipend. Thank God for this guy, whose name shall be revealed when all is said and done.

I've been in the biblio all day, and now it is time to feed my face and rest my lids. This should be the first of many posts this summer. Things feel good. Sorry, that sounded like a guy who bought a convertible.

Peace out from the dug out.

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