Sunday, June 13, 2004

You archie bastards, pass that spliff befo' it gits lingering!!! (The Sun-UK)

The Portuguese police must have a soft, mellow side to allow Brits (and I'm guessing other nationalities) to smoke pot during a soccer game against rival France. Hoping to curb outbreaks of hooliganism, more time will be spent cleaning up nacho trays than teeth, and chants will be somewhat unenthusiastic.

Hasn't the fever pitch been one of soccer's (I'm sorry, football's) biggest draws? The bonfires, the confetti, the roman candles? Will such activities still go on?

I'm sure they will. Not everyone in the crowd will be blowing ganja, and there most likely will still be some pockets of disturbance. But you have to hand it to the Portuguese; if you can't beat them with discipline, please them with tolerance.

And pray to God that methheads don't sneak in among the potheads. Then all hell will break loose. Happy Sunday.

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